Hindu philosophy : New Business Mantra

Business Week : Karma Capitalism

Times have changed since Gordon Gekko quoted Sun Tzu in the 1987 movie Wall Street. Has the Bhagavad Gita replaced The Art of War as the hip new ancient Eastern management text?

Big Business is embracing Indian philosophy. Suddenly, phrases from ancient Hindu texts such as the Bhagavad Gita are popping up in management tomes and on Web sites of consultants. Top business schools have introduced “self-mastery” classes that use Indian methods to help managers boost their leadership skills and find inner peace in lives dominated by work.


The seemingly ethereal world view that’s reflected in Indian philosophy is surprisingly well attuned to the down-to-earth needs of companies trying to survive in an increasingly global, interconnected business ecosystem. While corporations used to do most of their manufacturing, product development, and administrative work in-house, the emphasis is now on using outsiders. Terms such as “extended enterprises” (companies that outsource many functions), “innovation networks” (collaborative research and development programs), and “co-creation” (designing goods and services with input from consumers) are the rage.


Diwali in India and on Nasdaq

Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali

Problem of a problem

As of Seth Godin, you have two problems – the second problem is the problem of problem i.e not admitting that you have a problem or trying not to put blame on someone else and the first problem is the problem.

The two problems : Seth Godin

The first problem is that your customer service is lousy, you are an alcoholic, your products are boring, you don’t treat your employees well.

None of those problems are going to go away.

None will go away, that is, if you don’t acknowledge them, clearly and loudly and often. And ask for help.

If you don’t measure the first problem, then you have a second problem.

If you don’t measure the first problem, it’s not going to go away, is it?

Business 2.0 – Bringing chardonnay to Chennai

Got bored of Web 2.0 ideas? How about Business 2.0, Importing fine wine to India is an opportunity ready to be encashed, according to CNN’s article on the best business ideas in the world

With wine consumption in India projected to grow 10-fold over the next decade, the nation has emerged as the world’s fastest-growing market.

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India – A Superpower in the Making?

Real Truth article analyses if India – A superpower in the Making ?

My take : Maybe or maybe not, sure India still has to go a along way to become superpower, success of mere IT and BPO can’t be classified as India’s walk towards superdom, when mass is still striving to meet the basic necessity of life.

But yeah its good to even dream that India is progressing to be a Superpower.

Do you need a boss ?

You like your boss, don’t you ? Well don’t lie. Well you could be trying hard to be your own boss but here Seth writes on why you need a boss. Be your own boss but it helps to have one. Why ? see below.

Seth Godin writes :

You don’t realize how much you need a boss until you don’t have one. ………

Bosses organize your time for you.
Bosses decide what’s urgent.
Bosses give you cover when you work on something stupid (“she told me to!”)
Bosses pay you even when the client doesn’t honor the invoice.
Bosses can be sued.
Bosses create deadlines, and stick with them.
Bosses make sure you show up in the morning.
Bosses pay for the Postits.
Bosses give you someone to complain about.
Bosses carve up the work and give you just that piece you signed up to do.
Bosses give you a role model. (Sometimes one to work against, but that’s a different story).

Why we should be ashamed ?

How long are we going to take these terror attacks of 7/11 laying down and don’t even have the spine to stand against it and keep begging Pakistan to have peace – its so shameful.
Congress government has always been such a lame govt and always favouring issues that will boost its vote bank.
Check out the article by Ram Madhav is a former spokesperson for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh :

Why we should be ashamed

… Sadly, the UPA government lacks that courage.

That is why it ‘urges Pakistan to take urgent steps to dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism on the territory under its control.’ The ministry of external affairs spokesperson ‘hopes that that the government of Pakistan joins hands with India to defeat the forces of terrorism.’

A government that lacks backbone is the bane of a nation. … “