India – A Superpower in the Making?

Real Truth article analyses if India – A superpower in the Making ?

My take : Maybe or maybe not, sure India still has to go a along way to become superpower, success of mere IT and BPO can’t be classified as India’s walk towards superdom, when mass is still striving to meet the basic necessity of life.

But yeah its good to even dream that India is progressing to be a Superpower.


Do you need a boss ?

You like your boss, don’t you ? Well don’t lie. Well you could be trying hard to be your own boss but here Seth writes on why you need a boss. Be your own boss but it helps to have one. Why ? see below.

Seth Godin writes :

You don’t realize how much you need a boss until you don’t have one. ………

Bosses organize your time for you.
Bosses decide what’s urgent.
Bosses give you cover when you work on something stupid (“she told me to!”)
Bosses pay you even when the client doesn’t honor the invoice.
Bosses can be sued.
Bosses create deadlines, and stick with them.
Bosses make sure you show up in the morning.
Bosses pay for the Postits.
Bosses give you someone to complain about.
Bosses carve up the work and give you just that piece you signed up to do.
Bosses give you a role model. (Sometimes one to work against, but that’s a different story).