Why we should be ashamed ?

How long are we going to take these terror attacks of 7/11 laying down and don’t even have the spine to stand against it and keep begging Pakistan to have peace – its so shameful.
Congress government has always been such a lame govt and always favouring issues that will boost its vote bank.
Check out the article by Ram Madhav is a former spokesperson for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh :

Why we should be ashamed

… Sadly, the UPA government lacks that courage.

That is why it ‘urges Pakistan to take urgent steps to dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism on the territory under its control.’ The ministry of external affairs spokesperson ‘hopes that that the government of Pakistan joins hands with India to defeat the forces of terrorism.’

A government that lacks backbone is the bane of a nation. … “


Business Rules – Old vs New

The rules of business has changed drastically in past few years. Fortune is carrying an article of how old business rules of Jack Welch, former GE Chief, stack up with the new ones.

NEW: Agile is best; being big can bite you.
OLD: Big dogs own the street.

NEW: Find a niche, create something new.
OLD: Be No. 1 or No. 2 in your market.

NEW: The customer is king.
OLD: Shareholders rule.

NEW: Look out, not in.
OLD: Be lean and mean.

NEW: Hire passionate people.
OLD: Rank your players; go with the A’s.

NEW: Hire a courageous CEO.
OLD: Hire a charismatic CEO.

NEW: Admire my soul.
OLD: Admire my might.

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Goal Free Living

Goal FreeCame across a good book Goal Free Living from Stephen Shapiro,in which the author discusses the secrets of enjoying life by not being bothered too much about achieving goals but rather enjoying life. He uses metaphor “use a compass, not a map” to describe how he perceives goals should be targeted. Well this is not the first time we have heard on this but we forget them as soon as we hear and get on our materialistic pursuits, but its good to have reminders now and then.

Author’s interview with Tom Peters is a good read as well : Tom’s Cool Friends! – Stephen Shapiro