Ivy League or Non Ivy League – What matters is you.

There is a good post on Finance Weblog – Does an Ivy League Education Matter?

The author discusses whether a degree from Ivy League is better than the one from non-Ivy League college but concludes that what actually matters is you.

To Quote :

“it’s determination, hard work, etc. that count–that life really is a meritocracy and if you have the skills, you’ll do fine no matter where you go to school.”


2 Responses to “Ivy League or Non Ivy League – What matters is you.”

  1. rockwatching Says:

    Well the impression that I got was that an ivy league education could mean a great deal if you know how to exploit your opportunities and I agree. It’s not the “hard working plodder” that makes it big and fast it’s the guy who grasps the essence of making the right contacts, saying the right things to the right people, seeing your opportunities and having the confidence to take them. Having had a really unique look at the English class system I think I might understand how the Ivy League schools work (never having been to one). Mick http://rockwatching.wordpress.com

  2. hknemesis Says:

    Can you belive it? I just wrote a similar article in my blog on an ivy league education!! There you go for sharing…


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