Ivy League or Non Ivy League – What matters is you.

There is a good post on Finance Weblog – Does an Ivy League Education Matter?

The author discusses whether a degree from Ivy League is better than the one from non-Ivy League college but concludes that what actually matters is you.

To Quote :

“it’s determination, hard work, etc. that count–that life really is a meritocracy and if you have the skills, you’ll do fine no matter where you go to school.”


1998 Again – Reinflating Internet Bubble

With Web 2.0 in full bloom people are striking out again to try their luck in 'internet get rich soon'.

Copycat or Original – I always felt that implementation is the key, there have been so many companies with original idea haven't fared well and copycats who implemented in good have won.

Checkout the article on business week – It Feels Like 1998 All Over Again

Pretty or Ugly

Another good writeup from Boris at Felck – The Ugly Girl Equation

A point well analysed on VC and Entrepreneur relationship.

Barrage of Coders

In his book Beyond Code, Rajesh writes about how to improve life being a coder (IT Professional). This remids me of the barrage of coders that are getting generated every year in India, now nearly 90% of new graduates are joining either IT or BPO. It will create such an imbalance in society 10 few years down the line, the diversity that we thrive on is getting flat in one area atleast – career.

Best of Life Hacks

Want to try something new today, a new idea to arrange your life or to try something new for the heck of it, check out : LifeHacker.com, its one good site that collects good technology ideas that are worth knowing and can be helpful too.