Web 2.0 – the turbo charged web

Thinking of a Web 2.0 idea for your start-up, maybe its late already. But the new turbo charged web(web 2.0) has much more potential, goldmine dig(should I say digg) has just begun. 

Check out the a real good compilation of Web 2.0 companies.

Web 2.0 Companies


GTD – Getting Things Done

I was recently checking the concept of GTD – Getting Things Done initiated by David Allen in his book 'Getting Things Done : The Art of Stress-Free Productivity'

It looks quiet interesting way to organise your tasks and making your self more productive.

A good resource on GTD >> http://wiki.43folders.com/index.php/GTD

But for this also I suppose, implementation is the key, we all know that if only we can organise our tasks life would be so easy, but isn't it easy if you don't even think about the task, forget organising it.

195 Online Programming Books

Here a good list of Online programming books, 195 of them


Deserted Island Strategy

Yeh dil mange more … but lack of resources makes one try harder to achieve what one wants.

Next time you crave for more resources to do something think about Deserted Island Strategy… think of ways to get the same thing done without the resource or minimum resource.

Checkout a good write at Fleck Blog on Deserted Island Strategy

I liked his comment that there is no excuse of not starting, he goes on to say – You can register a domain name for $9.95. You can start a blog for free in 5 minutes. Can't afford a developer? Go to php.net and learn PHP in two weeks, for free. There is no excuse for not starting.

A new start ……

Caught by blogging fever, It has been a while I was planning to start my blog. So what could be a better day to start than today.

Today, 23rd April, is the birth day of William Shakespeare, though my writing skills don’t even come any close to this great writer. Hopefully his inspiration will help me get started.